Early Bird Special
For bookings, call Vern @ 865-803-8203

Big Changes for Early Bird Special band in 2017:

September 2016, Steve & Kathy decided 4 years was 
enough and Steve left to pursue narrating books on 
Audio and write a book on stories about his Uber driving. 

Kathy left at the same time to expand her 1-person 
shows at Nursing Homes, Senior Centers & Assisted
Living facilities with musical shows tailored just for them.

October 2016: Vern Lindsey (banjo/guitar & vocals) and
Allan Jenkins (Bass & vocals) add Art Massey (guitar &
lead vocals) to the band. Art sang with Vern in The 
Citadel Singers in High School 64-65 and had just 
moved back to Chattanooga. Art brought new songs
to EBS from Country & Popular to expand the 60's 
Coffeehouse Folk music and Oldies that the original
band had played. New sound, New jokes (thank God)
and lots of new songs you will remember. Come see
us soon.   Vern Lindsey    ​

2017 Future Shows


​Norris Concert on the Commons
7pm-9pm Fri, July 28 new date
Bring your Lawn Chair and cooler &
enjoy the show. 
The Commons is in the center of 
Norris. Take the I-75 exit for Museum of
Appalachia, go past it about 2 miles to Red Light with sign saying Norris with arrow to turn left at the light. Then stay on that road for about 2 miles and it dead ends into The Commons Park area. 
Call Vern Lindsey @ 865 803-8203 for more information.

We will be back at Classico's in the last part of August. 

There is no Rib Fest for us to Play at this  year. They may start it again in 2018.

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